Which frames are suitable for Motive Culture classic car posters?


To make our car posters much easier to frame, we've specifically designed them to be accommodated in metric frame sizes.

The large poster size is 50 x 70cm, which is a standard size, with many popular retailers selling them, such as Ikea. 

They're really easy to frame up.
After receiving your car poster from us in the strong card mailing tube, simple slide the poster out of its protective sleeve. Uncurl it and place some soft, but heavy, objects at either end. You can either leave it over night for the paper to settle or frame as is if it's not to curled.

Choose a suitable frame from your preferred retailer, and follow their guidance on how to frame it, taking care not to mark the poster. We'd recommend going for the best frame possible, with glass rather than plastic for the glazing, as this will offer good UV protection and show off the poster to its best. When it's mounted, you're ready to hang.

Alternatively, your local framing shop will do an exceptional job, and offer many more options including large mounts and specialist frame finishes.

After you're done, hang it on the wall and share it, tag us with @motivecultureart and #motivecultureart.