Commissions for personal and business customers.

Motive Culture undertake commissions for personal customers and also businesses, such as AceSpeed™ Historic Motorsport or Str8Six TVR. 

All aspects of a vehicle can be replicated, from the registration plate, to the smallest trim - or a completely fresh idea - in a stylised and contemporary style.

The illustrations are created in Adobe Creative Suite using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, and are crafted over several days at least. It's a time consuming process as each element is physically drawn, the only difference between this and a traditional pen or pencil sketch is the type of medium, in this case using a computer. Like an artist using paints on a canvas, each part of the vehicle still has to be created manually, there's no quick button to press. 

To start off the process, send a message via the contact page to set up the conversation. Photos or reference pics will be asked for to provide an accurate quotation, which is generally based on the hours or days it will take. If you're business customer we can agree a brief and scope of work.

To book the project into the schedule it's a 50% deposit and if the angle of the vehicle or the poster is completely unique you'll receive some early composition sketches to approve the direction. On completion of the artwork, low-res jpegs will be emailed for approval and once approved the balance paid and the artwork printed using whichever process is relevant.

Example image above shows commission examples for Youtuber @autoalex MX5 Phil, Edgewood Automotive classic car sales in Ireland, Str8Six TVR dealer plus private customers from the UK and Italy.